Kelendria's Bloody Hands (Ep. 44)

The first African-American woman to be appointed Court of Appeals in New York was found dead in the Hudson River, a 13-year-old Georgia boy accidentally commits suicide on Instagram Live, Chris Brown is feeling betrayed by Quavo (Migos) for dating Karrueche Tran, Kelly Rowland is bombarded by PETA at a book signing and more trending topics from the week starting April 9th. 2017.

Don't Nobody Like Sean Kingston (Ep. 39)

A 19-year-old in Pheonix is suing three police officers for $3.5million after they forced him to eat marijuana, a Houston man is arrested for excessively beating his girlfriend's 7-year-old son, the Migos allegedly jump Sean Kingston in Las Vegas, Karrueche Tran files for a restraining order against Chris Brown, Remy Ma comes for Nicki Minaj's wig with "shETHER" and more trending topics from the week starting February 19th. 2017.

Snubs & Sore Losers (Ep. 37)

Texas finds a Houston woman putting a bullet in her boyfriend after she canโ€™t get her taco heated, a North Carolina woman is pressing charges after a daycare teacher breastfeeds her son without her permission, the Grammys are up to their olโ€™ snubbing ways again, former New York Knick Charles Oakley is asking to have lifetime ban from Madison Square Garden lifted after sideline scuffle, Katherine Jackson files a restraining order against her nephew and more trending topics from the week starting February 5th. 2017 (+ the GRAMMYs).

Got A Beef? Call Crime Stoppers! (Ep. 32)

Vanity Fair magazine is standing firm in their anti-Trump stance, Dylan Roof is found guilty in 2015 murder of bible study attendees, Basketball Wivesโ€™ Mehgan James picks a fight with Keke Palmer over a less-than-favorable opinion about her, Soulja Boy gets arrested after talking tough on the internet and more trending topics from the week starting December 11th. 2016.