Don't Nobody Like Sean Kingston (Ep. 39)

A 19-year-old in Pheonix is suing three police officers for $3.5million after they forced him to eat marijuana, a Houston man is arrested for excessively beating his girlfriend's 7-year-old son, the Migos allegedly jump Sean Kingston in Las Vegas, Karrueche Tran files for a restraining order against Chris Brown, Remy Ma comes for Nicki Minaj's wig with "shETHER" and more trending topics from the week starting February 19th. 2017.

Worry About Yourself, Trick! (Ep. 25)

Two New Jersey boys survive a 100-foot drop in their father’s attempt at a murder-suicide, the majority of Americans are ready for this election season to be done and over with, Drake takes cheap shots at Kid Cudi’s mental health on his new diss track, Trick Daddy believes that Black women need to “tighten up”  and more trending topics from the week starting October 23rd. 2016.

Jäy-Z's Incentive (Ep. 6)

A grieving company invents dildo that stores ashes of the deceased, a high school student is suspended for his bomb-themed "prom-prosal," Tyga gets his good pal Kylie's name tattooed on his arm, Jay-Z is signing for his Tidal supper and some other trending topics from the week ending May 2nd. 2015.

Do I Look Like A Muppet? (Ep. 4)

A lawyer drops a bag of weed in court, a neighborhood is pissed at a resident who refuses to wear clothes within sight of their children, Tamar Braxton breaks down on “The Real” while discussing being called a muppet by K. Michelle, Jay-Z is allegedly settling out of court in paternity case of man claiming he is his 21-year-old son and more of the trending topics from the week ending March 28th. 2015.