Kelendria's Bloody Hands (Ep. 44)

The first African-American woman to be appointed Court of Appeals in New York was found dead in the Hudson River, a 13-year-old Georgia boy accidentally commits suicide on Instagram Live, Chris Brown is feeling betrayed by Quavo (Migos) for dating Karrueche Tran, Kelly Rowland is bombarded by PETA at a book signing and more trending topics from the week starting April 9th. 2017.

This Boxing Bullsh*t… (Ep. 34)

A Black woman takes the role of Lady Liberty on a gold coin for the U.S. Mint’s 225th anniversary, a Florida woman gets busted for prostitution in a massage spa, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are headed to Dubai for a boxing match over Karrueche Tran, Robin Thicke is cleared on child abuse charges made by Paula Patton in a recent battle for custody and more trending topics from the week starting January 8th. 2017.

We Ain’t Forget About Dre (Ep. 23)

A Colorado man faces life in prison after performing an abortion with a shish kebab skewer, Haiti is recovering after a massive hit by Hurricane Matthew, Odell Beckham is being fined almost $100K for his gridiron tantrums, Dr. Dre is planning to sue Sony for his depiction in their upcoming “Surviving Compton” biopic and more trending topics from the week starting October 9th. 2016.

A Stranger In Breezy’s House (Ep. 7)

A California man is given $75 for a $75,000 lottery ticket, popular candle company Kentucky for Kentucky is making new products that smell like fried chicken and bacon, Miguel’s Billboard Music Awards leg drop from 2013 comes back to haunt him, Chris Brown is coming home to naked women and some other trending topics from the week ending May 9th. 2015.