It's A Rap Queef! (Ep. 40)

The National African American Gun Association is experiencing a spike in membership since Donald J. Trump's election, a transgendered Texas teen has his community questioning the wrestling policy that forced him to compete against girls instead of boys, Too Short is being accused of rape by his former protégé, Remy Ma sends more shots Nicki Minaj's way as Nicki trolls Azealia Banks and more trending topics from the week starting February 26th. 2017.

Beyoncé's Double Feature (Ep. 36)

Howard University students have moved to relaunch the Young Republicans organization after 10 years, a 74-year-old man is arrested for sneakily feeding edibles to his congregation, Frank Ocean gets sued by his father, Azealia Banks goes at it with Rihanna over politics, Beyoncé announces that she's double the pregnant on Instagram and more trending topics from the week starting January 29th. 2017.

The Royal Swirl (Ep. 27)

Colorado high school students organize a walkout to protest Donald Trump’s election victory, a Florida man gives himself hepatitis after binge-drinking energy drinks, the NFL’s Colin Kaepaernick chose not to vote after months of protesting systemic oppression, Prince Harry is shaking things up across the pond by officially announcing his interracial relationship and more trending topics from the week starting November 6th. 2016.

The Damage A Divorce Kendu (Ep. 24)

George Zimmerman continues to get away with living, an African-American doctor attempting to assist a passenger experiences discrimination on a Delta flight, Azealia Banks gets kicked out of Russell Crowe’s hotel room, Martin “Kendu” Issacs is digging deep in Mary J. Blige’s pockets as their divorce moves forward and more trending topics from the week starting October 16th. 2016.