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REALITY RECAP: Love & Hip Hop NY (Season 4, Ep. 2)

November 5, 2013 — by JWilliams


Yandy promises K. Michelle that she will throw her a “Welcome to New York” party.

Saigon (Brian) and Erica Jean meet up so that Saigon can pick up his son. They discuss possibly getting back together for the sake of his son.

Erica Mena and Nya meet up at Papa Juan’s Cigar Room to talk about Nya’s confrontation with Rich Dollaz. There’s some sexual tension between the girls, but aside from that, Erica reveals that even with their past, she still wants to work with Rich Dollaz.

Saigon and Peter Gunz play basketball and discuss Saigon’s issues with Erica Jean. Peter Gunz suggests that Saigon should ask Eric Jean to have a DNA test done.

Joe Budden invites Tahiry to Soho, where he is making her a pair of jeans as a relationship exercise recommended by her therapist. Tahiry tells Joe that she has a job opportunity that would require for her to be away for two months. Joe suggests that she needs to find a balance between her work and her relationship because she recommended therapy in the first place. They agree to work it out.

Joe Budden & Tahiry

Peter Gunz crashes his son Korey Gunz’s studio session to talk about his gun charge. In the middle of the moment, Rich Dollaz warns Peter Gunz that Yandy invited both Tara and Amina to K. Michelle’s welcome party.

K. Michelle and some dude flash money at each other in Griffin’s. Coonin’…

K. Michelle at Griffin's


We open the episode and Peter Gunz is mad at Amina Buddafly for telling Rich Dollaz that they are married. You find the logic in that and then let me know.

Rich Dollaz goes to talk business with Nya Lee at a video shoot. She is not feeling him at all because of his past with Erica Mena. Understandably so. She kicks him off the set.

Tara and Peter Gunz meet up to talk about their last misunderstanding. Tara asks Peter to put their family first. Peter asks Tara to never leave him no matter what.

Peter meets up with Amina in Columbus Circle and brings up her telling Rich Dollaz about their marriage. Apparently, that was a rule that she broke, you know, because he has rules for their marriage.

Rich Dollaz meets with Yandy and lets her in on the secret that Amina and Peter are messing with each other.

Saigon and Erica Jean meet up to talk in his car about getting a DNA test because her father won’t let him inside the house.

Don’t ask…

Peter Gunz just so happens to get to K. Michelle’s party as Amina is about to go in and stops her from going in because Tara is there. He asks her to wait until tomorrow and he will tell Tara himself. After making a big fuss, Amina agrees to let him tell Tara first.

And that’s Love & Hip Hop NY until next week, kids…